The Reason Why Western Men Can Have Hope : Logical Mind and Individualism

It's been a while since political correctness and anti-Western movement started. Multiculturalism is taught in schools. White men are discriminated against at the university and also in employment interviewing due to affirmative action. Social media is full of bashing by liberals against straight white men. Young white men of today have lost confidence in themselves, and I believe it is important for them to regain their confidence because the qualities they have inherited from their ancestors are indispensable in order to pass the legacy of civilization to the next generation.

The essential quality that Westerners possess is logical mind. Only those who possess logical mind will be able to survive the collapse of civilization, and the rest will drop out. Logical mind is the number one survival skill to survive in the coming age.

Let me tell you the reason why logical mind is important. We live in capitalist world, and capitalism is about making profit. Everybody can make profit when the economy is growing, but when the market is saturated, it becomes cut-throat competitive, and in such a phase smart people start manipulating people. As a matter of fact, outsmarting people is how you make money. Nathan Rothschild became the richest in the world by outsmarting others in the London Bond market using his early knowledge of the result of the battle at Waterloo where Britain defeated Napoleon Bonaparte. He kept manipulation of the world by hiding the secret of money creation from economics for centuries. Brainwash is one of the manipulations, and television advertisement is literally brainwash.



Capitalism is like casino or lottery. The more players come in, the bigger the prize become. In order for capitalism to secure participants and maximize the profit, it brainwashes people into thinking money is the essential necessities of life when actually water and food are the essential necessities of life. You cannot drink money when you are dying of thirst in the desert. This is just one example, and there are many brainwashes in capitalism such as vaccination. You must deprogram yourself if you want to survive the collapse of capitalism, and this is the point you appreciate you have Western heritage if you are a Westerner. You can deprogram yourself because you have logical mind. The method of deprogramming is debating. Debate takes two people so it's good if you have a trusted friend, but if you don't, you might have to do it yourself, but whether you have a friend or not, you need to have logical mind for deprogramming. You cannot deprogram a man who doesn't have logical mind.


You've been manipulated


Individualism is also an essential quality of Westerners. Individualism is the principle of being independent and self-reliant and is necessary for logical mind because even if you have logical mind and can deprogram yourself from brainwash, if you don't have individual mind, you cannot act based on your logical judgement. Logical mind and individualism are a pair. They need each other in order to be implemented in real life. If you have logical mind, you are automatically an individualist. The opposite of logical mind is herd-mentality. A man of herd-mentality follows somebody else's decision. A man of herd-mentality is usually a collectivist. Herd-mentality and collectivism are the opposite of logical mind and individualism.

I have explained what qualities Westerners have. Now I explain the cons of not having such qualities. 

Herd-mentality and collectivism have some pros. You can have sense of belongingness in collectivism. If you just follow your group's judgement, you don't have to use your brains, which save a lot of time and energy in your life. You can even avoid moral responsibilities with collectivism. A collective nation can be powerful if it has a good leader, but if doesn't have a good leader or has no leader, it can be deadly because it becomes a herd of people lucking logical mind. This is probably the biggest con of collectivism. Here is an example. Army ants are blind and use pheromones to follow trails of other ants. If a trail loops they get locked running in an endless circle until they die.

Have you heard of a Japanese term "Karoshi"? It means overwork death. It is famous that Japanese people follow other people's judgement. Here is a famous Titanic joke.

Titanic is about to sink. The captain shouted to let people of different nationalities jump in.

American → If you jump into the sea, you are a hero!

English → If you jump into the sea, you are a gentleman!

French→ Don't jump into the sea!

Italian → Beautiful woman is swimming in the sea!

German → It's a rule to jump in!

Japanese → Everyone is jumping in!

Because Japanese people don't have logical individual mind and follow group's judgement, they cannot stop working while everybody else is working. They just work until drop dead just like trapped army ants walk until drop dead.

People of herd-mentality are difficult to save. You cannot select people you can save. You save them all or you give up on them all. On the contrary, a man with logical and individual mind can stand up alone no matter what other people are thinking and doing. He has his own compass to follow. His faith is his his compass, and if his logical mind approves of his faith, he can act on his own. Westerners have such mentality thanks to the legacy of Western civilization.


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