The Worldview of Neo-utopian Thought


We are Headed for Destruction

This civilization has achieved so many things, but why aren't we any happier? Why does life get harder and poverty remain? Why is the environment being destroyed? Modern civilization is in danger in many ways. We humans have reduced the number of insects, fish, birds, and animals by half in the past 50 years. Modern agriculture is depleting groundwater and destroying the soil, and soon there will be no more agriculture. Men's sperm count has dropped by half in the past 40 years, and they will not be able to have children. We humans are headed for destruction on all fronts: the environment, food, and the human body itself.

Capitalism is the Cause

The objective of capitalism is not the happiness of humans but the expansion of capital. Expansion means growth, and under capitalism, people are forced to grow. People from the countryside are gathered in the cities, and the third world such as China, India, and Africa are incorporated into the global economy. Infinite growth is, however, impossible on earth, and resources are used up, the rich get richer, and the middle class falls into poverty. Economic efficiency will be pushed to the limit, and humans are considered to be expendable.

Anti-Capitalism Movements in the Past

There have been several anti-capitalist movements in the past, which include utopian thought, communism, and the hippie movement. Marx's critique of capitalism had many valid points, but it failed in the end because it denied freedom and God. The hippie movement also failed because it denied the heritage of Western civilization.

Legacy of Western civilization

Utopia is free society, but free society is the most difficult society to achieve because society has rules, and the more people there are and the more complex a society becomes, the more rules there are. A free society and an advanced civilization are contradictory demands, and the history of Western civilization has been a history of overcoming these contradictions. Both religions and philosophies aim for a free society when you get right down to it. The United States had achieved utopia temporarily.

The Victory and Collapse of the United States

The 20th century was a time of ideological struggle. Liberalism, totalitarianism, and communism fought against each other, and in the end, American liberal democracy won. The victory of the U.S. was even called "the end of history" by Francis Fukuyama meaning that American liberal democracy is the highest form of government, but 30 years after the collapse of Soviet Union, American liberal democracy is also collapsing.

Contradiction of Protestantism

Why does the U.S., which has once achieved utopia, have to collapse? The foundation of Western civilization is Christianity. Christ taught love and denied money. Western civilization basically developed by adhering to his teachings. However, the church began to teach things opposite to Christ's teachings. Firstly the the church made sex taboo and secondly taught the virtue of work. Christ neither considered sex to be taboo nor taught the virtue of work. Christ actually taught not to worry about tomorrow and live like a bird. Catholics considered sex taboo, but did not teach diligence. Protestants, however, taught that diligence was the way to heaven. Freud pointed out that "behind the problems of Western society lies sexual repression." Perhaps the denial of sexual desire transformed into an affirmation of hard work, but there is a fine line between diligence and money worship. The cause of the collapse of the U.S. lies in the fact that the teaching of hard work has turned into a religion of money worship and gave birth to capitalism. Capitalism is money worship. It's not metaphor. It literally is money worship. The conspiracy theory that Jews rule the world was originally claimed by Christians, but Christians don't realize a very important point. It is Christians who are the strongest supporters of Jewish control of the world. American Protestantism had reached the highest point of Western civilization, but because of the contradiction within it, America is going to collapse.

True Christianity

Neo-utopian thought pursues the true Christianity. It emphasizes love, does not consider sex taboo, and deny money. Instead of worrying about the future and working hard, we value nature and receive blessings from it like birds do.

The New Amorous World

Charles Fourier, one of the most famous utopian thinkers, is the author of The New Amorous World. Fourier proposed a self-sufficient community, affirmation of natural desires, and respect for women's rights. The term "feminism" was first used by Fourier. The neo-utopian ideology realizes the world Fourier dreamed of.



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