About Case-K

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan in 1960s and spent most of life in Tokyo but moved to Kyoto after Fukushima nuclear powerplant disaster.

I am a spiritualist. I believe in the writings of Swedenborg, the messages received during spiritualism movement, and readings of Edgar Cayce.

Analyzing Japanese mind is my expertise. When the number of otakus grew in Japan, I analyzed their mind and scouted an American female hapa model who could sing. She became the top idol of Japan in year 2007.

The term "feminism" was coined by Charles Fourier, a utopian thinker of 19th century, who wrote "The New Amorous World". I used to organize a monthly international swinger party under the theme of "Girl's Dream" for four years. It was his ideal in practice. I invited handsome men including male models and created a space where girls could have the maximum enjoyment from sex. I am re-uploading the pictures so that you can see how much they enjoyed the party from their smiles.

Girls Dream Party



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