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Japan will Cease to Exist Because of Post-War Ultra Feminism

Sexlessness is an issue that has not been focused on enough much. Having sex and making offspring is the ultimate purpose of life from a biological point of view for all living things on earth. So sexlessness is denial of the reason of our existence. Japan is the most sexless country in the world, and even Elon Musk is concerned about the future existence of Japan.

The Reason Why Western Men Can Have Hope : Logical Mind and Individualism

It's been a while since political correctness and anti-Western movement started. Multiculturalism is taught in schools. White men are discriminated against at the university and also in employment interviewing due to affirmative action. Social media is full of bashing by liberals against straight white men.

The Worldview of Neo-utopian Thought


We are Headed for Destruction

This civilization has achieved so many things, but why aren't we any happier? Why does life get harder and poverty remain? Why is the environment being destroyed? Modern civilization is in danger in many ways. We humans have reduced the number of insects, fish, birds, and animals by half in the past 50 years.

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