Neo-Utopian is a space for those who are tired of globohomo capitalism and look for utopia, looking for a new ideology that can tie people together, believe love is more important than money, and friends to survive the collapse of civilization together.

Hi, I'm Case-K Omura from Japan. I've been observing America from distance since Vietnam war era, and I always thought both liberals and conservatives had good points and bad points. I am a spiritualist so I am with conservatives in that sense, but I am anti-capitalist so I am with liberals in that sense.

Jesus taught love and denied money. Capitalism is literally money worship religion. The reason why Western civilization is collapsing is because Christianity had tuned into money worship. 

I am creating a new ideology based on utopian thought, which is the root of anti-capitalism movement and was denied by communism as too idealistic. Communism is materialism, and if believing in god is too idealistic, there is nothing wrong with being idealistic.

The Worldview of Neo-Utopian thought

Promotion of Eros

Promotion of eros is one of the main focus of utopian thought. Capitalism alienate love and sex from man, and sex was better in communism than in capitalism.

Japanese people suffer the most in the world from love and sex alienation, and there are tow major reasons. The one is that Japan swallowed capitalism down the throat in order to be Westernized, and the other is that the idea of love came from the West.  They don't know what love is. I am a regular visitor of 4chan/pol/, and I know quite a few Western men want to come to Japan for women. I am happy to assist them if they can save Japanese women from severe sexlesness.

Using This Website

Please use forum for posting your thoughts and opinions and even photos of pretty Japanese models. I really like the vibe of 4chan/pol/ around year 2010 when people discussed seriously about Western civilization. When I have enough visitors, I will turn on registration function.

Posting Photos and Embedding Videos

About the Webmaster

About Case-K


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